Go Rebar lets you create organized lists of rebar and plain round steel using an easy web interface. You can also define custom shapes, print a variety of reports, and export your orders. The export files can then be loaded into aSa ex for tag creation and other downstream operations. Go Rebar is a perfect solution for:

  • Rebar fabricators – Let your customers order steel online.
  • Rebar detailers and contractors – List material and send your files to fabricators.

  • Work in the cloud
    Go Rebar is a web application with safe, secure cloud storage on one of the world’s leading datacenters. No worries about hardware requirements or maintenance. Use the application on nearly any web-enabled computer or tablet anywhere in the world. 
  • Get your job done quicker
    Get started in minutes. If you have ever worked with mobile apps or web entry screens, the Go Rebar interface will be familiar and easy to navigate. You add material directly in the entry grid and type leg dimensions around the shape you are defining.
  • Manage shape information easily
    Create your own custom bend shapes in seconds, then take off bars using any standard or custom shape.
  • Be as flexible as you need
    Use any common building code or measurement unit. Decide which data columns to display on the screen and to include on your reports. Group and organize takeoff lines using elements. Export files to ADF (aSa Data File), Excel, or CSV (comma separated value) for use by any fabricator, regardless of whether they use aSa or another system. 
  • Customize to match your company brand
    Fabricators: create a seamless experience for your customers. Change Go Rebar’s color scheme and upload your logo to match your company’s branding. Using the handy widget from aSa, your customers can securely log into Go Rebar directly from your company website. 

aSa Go Rebar Image Tour

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