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Third Axis provides civil engineering services forresidential and commercial new constructions, fromproject conception to completion. We strive for anefficient, imaginative and well detailed finished
product, using any number of our sophisticatedanalysis and design software when needed, whilekeeping the hands-on involvement that makes aproject easy to build.Many of the housing societies carrying out repairworks are not able to find experienced civilengineers for supervision of building repairs for ashort term period like 6 months and hence theyhave to compromise with the quality given by thebuilding repair contractors. Many times thecontractors are just dismantling and repairing theplaster of building and then they color the wholebuilding,which is not just inappropriate but it could be real dangerous.I have seen 10 years old BARC buildings in Bandra West which needed a repair, they had a smallcrack on the Column surface but when we broke the concrete surface, we noticed the 16mm thickSteel Reinforcing Bars were badly rusted and had become so thin as minimum as 2mm at somepoints. After inspection of BARC Engineers the bars were tied together again by welding new16mm bar pieces and a jacketing surface concrete again with polymers to strengthen the concretesame as "the time of cast in situ".Building Repairs may look easier to everyone but if you do not have sufficient knowledge ofstructural repair, its always better to hire an experienced civil engineer or consultants to monitorand guide repair work on your behalf. Third Axis has an experienced team of Civil Engineers whichcan do a consulting job for such building repair works and assure you the quality work output byyour contractors. Contact us and we promise you the best quality and a safe home to live in.

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Third Axis has a vision of a hassle free world especially for the civil engineers across the world. Today where computers and software are helping and easing us in fields like medical,education, business &arts, construction industry is still far beyond them all in using technology to improvise the day today operations.



Third Axis has a mission to ​provide its clients with professional consulting and Civil Engineering service that constantly meet or exceeds their expectations. Bring innovative industry knowledge to construction industry in India and provide complete guidance and technical support to building repairs & new constructions across the region. Along with our extensive track record in consulting and execution, our breadth of experience enables us to provide a unique service and development